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Things You Don’t Know about Sperm and Semen
July 20,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
Semen is alkaline

Semen takes sperms into women’s bodies to realize fermentation

Since vagina is acidic, alkaline semen serves as a membrane protecting sperms from dying of their enemy—acid.

Producing semen needs “proper division of work”
Semen and healthy sperms need collaborating mainly of three organs.
First is prostate, forming curd with enough enzyme, protein and minerals. Second is seminal vesical, generating fructose and two thirds of the liquid in semen. Third is testicle, producing sperms and the other liquid.
Sperms share a big family.
A man generates about 15 billion sperms a day, that is, thousands of them every second. According to statistics, men’s ejaculation volume varies from 2ml to 5ml each time, which is equivalent to one-spoon amount.

Semen has KPI
Semen is “usable” when its sperm concentration reaches 15 million/ml. Sperm concentration refers to the number of sperms in 1ml semen. Quality fertility requests semen with sperm concentration higher than 15 million/ml.
Semen should be curd
Semen should be curd after ejaculation. 30 to 60 minutes later, it turns to be like water. This is liquefication. If such process hasn’t occurred within 1 hour, there can be something wrong with your sperms.
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