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How Long Should Abstinence Be for Quality Sperms?
July 15,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
As we know, preparation for pregnancy needs joint efforts of a couple. A healthy baby requires not only a healthy egg cell from woman, but also a quality sperm from man.
When preparing for pregnancy, many couples will abstain from sex for several days, hoping for sperms of higher quality. Some will only have sex during wife’s ovulatory period as they consider such abstinence can improve sperm quality and increase the chance of pregnancy.
However, such method is incorrect. Men’s abstinence period has a science-proved proper time length. Let’s learn about this!

How long should abstinence period be?

The formation of sperms conforms to a regular period. A sperm usually needs 3 months to mature. Frequent ejaculation indicates little time for sperms to grow in men’s bodies, and immature sperms can be more likely to be released.
It is recommended by the fifth edition of WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen that abstinence period before regular seminal test should be 2 to 7 days and that sperm concentration of less than 15million/ml indicates difficulty in fertility. In other words, sperms after a 2-to-7-day abstinence are normally of good quality. Twice intercourse per week is appreciated for better sperms. 

Some may get confused: “Now that sperm need 3 months to mature, why should abstinence be 2 to 7 days?”
Sperms are generated in testis, as primary spermatocyte. Then, these primary sperms will be transmitted to epididymis for maturing before being transmitted to seminal vesicle for storage. The whole process will last for about 3 months.
Sperms of different stages exist in man’s body at same time. Thus, 2 to 7 days after ejaculation, seminal vesicle is again full of mature sperms.
According to researches, when those with low sperm concentration abstain for 4 or 5 days and those with reduced sperm motility for 2 or 3 days, their semen contains their best motile sperm cells, with increasing volume and motility.
Why should abstinence be not too long?
Sperms will age during long-time abstinence, with motility gradually decreasing.
Thus, abstinence is totally a wrong choice for couples who desire a baby because improper abstinence will influence quality of sperms and dampen the chance of pregnancy.
Besides, long-time abstinence is also the enemy of sexual activity and thus couples’ relations.
How to have healthy sperms?
1.   Make a comfortable condition for testis
Keep away from tight trousers or jeans, or high temperature for your testicles.
Healthy and active sperms can only exist when temperature is around 34℃. Conditions too hot or cold will influence the function of your testicles.
2.   Keep exercising in case of overweight
Overweight inhibits the generation of sperms and influence their quality. Furthermore, overweight may also trigger hypertension, diabetes etc. which may lead to sexual dysfunction.


3.   Have regular medical checks
Low quality or reduced motility of sperms do not exert visible symptoms on men.
To have healthy sperms, first we should know about their conditions. Thus, regular medical checks are of great importance.

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