What Cause the Ovaries Insufficiency Occur Before It Should Be?
June 07,2021 (Edit) Wondfo

Toxin- Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the common causes for ovaries failure. Other toxins such as cigarette, chemicals, pesticides and viruses might hasten the ovarian failure.

Ovarian surgery- Surgeries involving the ovaries may potential damage the ovaries and lead to the ovarian failure.

Genetic defects- Some genetic disorders are associated with primary ovarian insufficiency. That’s why having a family history of ovaries insufficiency may be the high-risk population

Lifestyle- Irregular work hours, often stay up late, long-term tension or depression may cause the endocrine system disorders and further ovaries failure.
The age appearing on our look may owe to the age or damage of our ovaries.
Ovary function has its own routine cycle. During puberty, the ovary starts to function and release eggs regularly, which give women the ability to have children. Around 35 years old, the ovary function starts to fade and will soon enter the menopausal stage around age 50. However, affected by lifestyle, mental status, diseases and treatment (the causes listed above), the number of women with ovary function beginning to fade around age 40 increase annually.
Early and routine monitoring of our ovary function is one way to know our health status. It can help to find the solution/treatment to slow down the fading process and let us be in the healthy condition again. Wondfo Menopause Test can provide the evaluation of our ovary function, providing you and your healthcare provider the status of ovary and helping you to take a good care of your health in the future.

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