Various Pregnancy Tests You Should Know
June 07,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
Hey, baby. Ready for your first close-up?
An early ultrasound scan is often a routine part of prenatal care between 6 and 9 weeks of pregnancy. All pregnant women should receive at least one ultrasound scan to check the status of fetus and rule out possible problems. The early ultrasound also gives you a very first glance of your baby.
The ultrasound can be used to:
1) Confirm your estimated due date
2) Check the fetal heartbeat
3) Rule out an ectopic pregnancy
4) Determine whether you’re carrying multiple babies
Earliest detection time: 6 weeks after getting pregnant.

Wait, confirmation needed! Take blood HCG test

Even most home pregnancy test is very sensitive and accurate to detect HCG level, a blood test is usually used and recommended by your doctor to confirm your home pregnancy test.

Blood tests can tell if you are pregnant about six to eight days after you ovulate. It is so far the most sensitive and conclusive way to detect pregnancy. A blood test can detect pregnancy even before you've missed a period, and it is about 99 percent accurate. So, mother-to-be, hang on a second! See your doctor for blood test confirmation.

Earliest detection time: 8 days after having sex

Highly sensitive home pregnancy test

The high-sensitive pregnancy test is the most common product we will use for confirmation.

Normal pregnancy test has detection limit at 25mIU/ml, which can detect change at 10-14 days after having sex.
However, Wondfo pregnancy test with detection limit at 10mIU/ml, which can provide more sensitive detection and detect the change 2 days earlier than normal pregnancy tests. Of course, the longer after pregnancy, the higher the HCG level in the body, the easier the pregnancy test can detect.

We recommend to use morning urine for detection since it contains higher HCG level after whole night accumulation.
Earliest detection time: 8 days after having sex. Confirm result at 14 days after having sex should be considered.