Do You Know When’s Your Most Fertile Time?
June 01,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
Having sex during the ovulatory period gives you the best chance of getting pregnant. Then, the question comes! How do you know if you are ovulating? There are several signs that can give you a clue that you are in your ovulatory period. You might not notice it before, but now after reading this page, you'll know exactly.

Let's check out signs that appear during the ovulatory period.

Signs appear during ovulatory period

Physical Increased leucorrhea: In the middle of the menstrual periodor ovulation period, leucorrhea will be watery, clear, and stretchy, caused by the increased estrogen level during the ovulation period. After this period, it will back to normal.

*Caution: abnormal leucorrhea secretion may be caused by infections

Rise in body temperature: Your body temperature dips a bit just before your ovary releases an egg. Then, 24 hours after the egg's release, your temperature rises by 0.3-0.5℃ (0.54-0.9°F) and remains there around 12 days.

*Caution: If no rise in body temperature, it might be luteal insufficiency

An increase in libido: Due to the change of the hormone estrogen and progestogen in the ovulation period, most women will feel friskier both psychologically and physically.

One-sided pain in their lower abdomen: Blood and other fluid from the ruptured follicle may enter the abdominal cavity and pelvis after the egg is released.

Ovulation spotting: There is slight bleeding that occurs around the time that you ovulate. The downregulation of estrogen at that time affects the blood vessels on endometrium and cause littlebleeding. All of this is normal, so no worries there!

Suppressed immune system: The immune system is downregulated by progesterone in order to prevent immune cells from attacking a fertilized egg and from preventing implantation

Ovulation period and ovulation day

However, depending on the signs listed above, we can only calculate the approximate period for ovulation.
5 days before to 4 days after ovulation day is defined as ovulation period. It is difficult to find the exact ovulation day. The odds of getting pregnant is the highest if having sex on ovulation day.

Moreover, not all women get signs during ovulation period. Ovulation test are here to help. With the indication of ovulation test, ovulation period can be pinpointed within a few minutes.
Wondfo LH test can provide results that are more accurate than others. While other LH test can detected 1-3 days around ovulation day, Wondfo LH test can pinpoint exact ovulation day. Many fertility centers are using Wondfo LH test to detect ovulation day. The accurate and sensitive results it provides greatconvenience for healthcare providers as well as many women.