Great News – Wondfo’s 11 Projects Passed RELA 2020
October 24,2020 (Edit)
Results of RELA – IFCC External Quality Assessment Scheme for Reference Laboratories in Laboratory Medicine, have been published on its website. To our delight, Wondfo’s 11 projected have all passed the accreditation.
RELA sponsored by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) and organized by the German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (DGKL) is the world's most authoritative reference laboratory capacity verification, well-recognized in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.
This year, 58 reference laboratories globally participated in the assessment, involving a total of 36 projects in 10 measurands including Enzymes (ENZY), Metabolites and Substrates (META), Electrolytes (ELEC), Vitamins (VITA), etc.
Wondfo Reference Laboratory (WFRL), set up in 2018, built the reference measurement method in a short span of two years. This year is our first participation in the RELA scheme, but the outcome is pretty good. Wondfo’s 11 projects: LDH, ALT, AST, AMY, CK, Glu, Urea, K, Na, Ca, Mg, have all been verified.

Wondfo always pursues the independent development of products and breakthroughs in technology innovation and endeavors to establish an unbroken chain of traceability of measurements: International System of Units (SI) - Reference Laboratories – Clinical Laboratories, making test results traceable to national and international standards, to ensure the accuracy of the results, which ultimately facilitates the mutual recognition of clinical test results.
Wondfo will continue to actively participate in the IFCC-RELA and the EQA organized by the National Center for Clinical Laboratories (NCCL) of China. We’re working for providing more accurate and steadier lab test results with reagents of increasingly better performance.
Here, everything we do is to provide better products to help improve patient care, safeguard health, and improve the lives of people worldwide. With this in mind, we’ll continue to innovate and shape the future of POCT and healthcare.
With Wondfo, Racing for Life!