Jointly Combat Epidemic!
February 10,2020 (Edit)
Spring Festival used to be a most crucial traditional festival of all chinses people. This was a time for families and friends to gather together for celebrating the beginning of new year. But for this year, all celebrations for the festival have been pressed ‘stop’, due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) . Even through this is the last we want to see, China has been implementing a serial of actions at once and sparing no effort to control the spreading of diseases. With all the resources from all over the world, we have the confidence that we can win the battle against the epidemics and ensure the public health security nationally and globally. In this special period of time, Wondfo as well as all the other medical professionals are doing everything we can to protect human health. Where there is a need of us, where we will be.
Wondfo attended Medlab in Dubai from Feb 3rd to Feb 6th , 2020, with our latest innovations. Wondfo’s new innovations have gained the attention of medical experts from around the world.  (Booth No. Z4C49) Wondfoers are dedicating to bring the high-quality testing products for human being for ordinary disease screening and diagnosis as well as for unexpected epidemics like the coronavirus.
MEDLAB is the flagship exhibition and congress of the MEDLAB Series portfolio, a collection of leading laboratory and diagnostics exhibitions and conferences worldwide, spanning across the Middle East, Asia, East/West Africa, Europe and the US, attracts over 600 exhibitors and more than 25,000 attendees from 129+ countries.

Wondfoers enthusiastically explain the experience of IVD and anti-epidemic testing in China to the visiting experts and customers at booth.

Eye-catching Technology Platforms are displayed in Medlab:
Immunofluorescence Platform
We can offer the most comprehensive testing solutions covering cardiovascular, craniocerebral injury, infection, embolism, diabetes, pregnancy, tumor, bone metabolism and other diseases with immunofluorescence platform. One of the highlights of this product line is the newly launched multichannel Immunofluorescence analyzer FIA III Plus.Together with its twin brother, the single-channel analyzer FIA II Plus can satisfy the needs in different application scenarios.
Electrochemistry Platform
Another eye-catching product line at Wondfo includes Blood Gas Analyzer BGA-101 and Coagulation Analyzer OCG-102. These portable analyzers provide easy and multi-scene auxiliary diagnosis without taking up too much valuable laboratory space.
Dry Chemistry Platform
Dry chemistry analyzer DC-101 and multichannel DC-201 were also drawing much attention from the visitors. These two devices can use the reagent strips which equipped with multi-layer coating film and unique enzyme stabilization technology. The instruments make a hit among clinics and grass-root medical organization in terms of easy-to-use, flexible combination of test items.
Wondfoers also showed up in Africa, staying with the people there who may be plagued by AIDS. From 2nd-7th December 2019, Kigali is hosting the 20th International Conference on AIDs and STIs in Africa (ICASA). The theme for this year is “AIDS free Africa. Innovation, Community and Political Leadership”. ICASA’s goal is to break down the taboos that impede prevention and early treatment. Wondfo with our HIV rapid test approved by WHO Pre-Qualification contributes in our own way to accelerate the achieving of this magnificent goal.


We provide portable and accurate HIV rapid tests for local Africans (Sensitivity: 100% ,Specificity: 99.96%), which has brought great convenience to the HIV screening work of the local Ministry of Health. At the meeting, the professionalism of Wondfo was highly recognized by the participating African experts and customers!