Experience Better | Wondfo Intelligent 1㎡ POCT Lab
November 30,2020 (Edit) Wondfo
A rapid test lab based on Wondfo’s comprehensive POCT technology platform can provide combination solutions tailored for multiple clinical application scenarios. This is Wondfo’s 1m2 POCT lab.


1m2 POCT Lab Comprises Several Elements

Technology Platforms: 1m2 POCT Lab is built upon multiple technology platforms, including colloidal gold, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, dry biochemistry, electrochemistry, molecular diagnostics, etc. to achieve comprehensive interpretation
Test Menu: Modular combination of test menu based on different scenarios.

1m2 POCT Lab Has Many Edges - "Small" and "Fast"
1. small and compact structure, plug-and-play design, suitable for a variety of settings;

2. rapid test, easy to operate, suitable for professional technicians (but not limited to them).

3. Most results are available within 30 minutes.

"Broad" and "Independent":
Broad Application Scenarios: one-stop combination solutions of various test items are available according to various scenarios, comprehensively meeting different testing requirements.

Broad Connection: a POCT intelligent service and management network is constructed by realizing intelligent links between instruments, test items, and medical staff, a single fast test room, as well as management center through information links.

Independent module: 1m2 POCT Lab can meet the “independence” needs for biological safety, infection prevention and control, and some special purposes.